Posted 9 November, 2021

Community Grants Awarded in October 2021

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Community Grants  October 2021

At the Community Grants Panel meeting on 21st October 2021 the Trustees approved 11 grants with a total value of £227,400.  Grants approved included the following:

Richmond Carers Centre is a well-established local charity based in Twickenham. The charity provides practical support,  advice and information to those who care for others who are dependent on them.  The charity supports adult carers and young carers.  Over the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of carers contacting the charity and the pandemic has made the services offered even more valuable for carers who are experiencing increased isolation and levels of stress.  Our grant of £49,400 will contribute towards the salary costs for 2 Adult Carers  Support Coordinators to coordinate the programme of support for adult carers in the Hampton Fund area of benefit.

Based in Hampton Hill, the Greenwood Centre on School Road, is a well-established venue providing adaptable and low cost space for a wide range of activities run by community groups. Over recent months the Centre has played a vital role as a Covid vaccination hub.   Hampton and Hampton Hill Voluntary Care Group run the Greenwood Centre and from their office based on the ground floor they also deliver Community Transport and Befriending support services for vulnerable local people.   Our grant of £40,200 will contribute towards salary costs for the staff team who run the Centre and deliver support  services.

The Trustees awarded a grant to Richmond Music Trust, a charity based in Twickenham,  to support their bursary scheme for children and young people from families living on a low income.  The bursaries subsidise small group and individual lessons, provide the free loan of a musical instrument when necessary, and subsidised membership of an ensemble.  Our grant of £26,000 will support bursaries for up to 100 children and young people attending local schools in the Hampton Fund area of benefit.

The People Hive is a local charity, based in Twickenham, supporting people with learning difficulties.  The People Hive Hub, located on Heath Road,  includes workshop space providing a wide range of activities and a shop called The Gallery selling crafts and artwork produced by local artists. The Gallery provides work experience opportunities for people with learning disabilities and also raise funds for the charity.  The People Hive also provide a range of group activities to help reduce social isolation and provide opportunities for greater independence for people with learning disabilities.  Our grant of £30,000 will contribute towards  salary costs for the team who run the People Hive Hub and enable them to develop further activities and support.

September Community Grants

At the Community Grants Panel meeting on 9th September 2021 the Trustees approved 7 grants with a total value of £117,600. Grants included:

Home-Start is a well-established local  charity based in Sheen. The charity provides high quality home based support to families with children under 5 who are feeling isolated and are struggling to cope.  The staff team recruit, train and support a team of volunteers who bring parenting experience to help families in need with the aim of providing early help and support to avoid problems escalating. Our grant of £35,000 will contribute towards the salary costs for 2 Family Support Coordinators who coordinate the programme of support for families in the Hampton Fund area of benefit.

The Trustees awarded a grant to Learn English at Home towards the provision of English language tuition for ethnic minority adults, including refugees and migrants, who are socially isolated and vulnerable due to lack of English language skills. Highly trained volunteers, co-ordinated by professional paid staff, provide a personalised language tuition programme which supports clients to tackle the practical  challenges they are facing e.g. communicating with their GP, making appointments, contacting their child’s school, preparing a CV.  Volunteers also support the clients’ wellbeing, signposting and encouraging engagement with vital local support services and progress into other learning opportunities, volunteering and employment.  Our grant of £15,600 will support the salary costs of a paid Co-ordinator and contribute towards the costs of recruiting and training new volunteers.

Based in Twickenham, Off the Record is a well-established charity providing counselling support for children and young people from the age of 11.  The charity provides counselling support at their main centre in Twickenham and satellite services at centres across the borough.  The charity also provides telephone helplines for young people and their parents and carers, in-school counselling and crisis counselling   Our grant of £21,600 will contribute towards the costs of running satellite counselling services in Hampton Hill, Teddington and Hampton to provide young people with improved access to counselling support.

The Real Junk Food Project  (TRJFP) collects surplus food from local supermarkets and independent shops and provides pop-up cafes and food surplus stalls at local community centres.  These initiatives help alleviate food poverty across the borough and operate on a ‘Pay as you Feel’ basis.  TRJFP works in partnership with local charities and community groups including SPEAR, Food Banks, Vineyard Project, and the Salvation Army.  Our grant of £24,900 will support salary costs to run pop-up cafes and surplus food hubs at Community Centres in Whitton, Hampton, Hampton Hill, and East Twickenham.


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